Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Camp Tulakadik

This past weekend, a bunch of students went to Camp Tulakadik, around the Sussex area in New Brunswick, for our annual Navigators retreat. We had about 60 people come out. Our guest speaker was Luch DelMonte and his son Mike. I (Genieve) missed most of the talks they gave 'cause I had to make sure the food was done, but I was able to sneak out of the kitchen a few times to listen. Luch is a very passionate speaker and I'm sure the students were very encouraged after his talks (I know I was). One video that he showed us was this. Please check it out, it is such an inspiring story and a great illustration on how God (our Father) is behind us.

I really enjoyed my time in the kitchen. I had lots of help from students and Sue, Ragnar's wife, before every meal. And Phil helped serve during most meals. It was a pretty exhausting job, I definitely felt it on Sunday, especially since I was coming down with a cold; but all went well.

Thank you for your prayers.

I leave you with pictures of the weekend, courtesy of a STFX student, Judith.

Our Group.

The Lake

Cool shot of the Lake

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Stam House said...

I've seen this vodeo before but every time I shed a tear!